Underground Anabolics

Underground Anabolics by William Llewellyn (Book Review)

Order Underground Anabolics UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS brings you deep inside the world of black market anabolic steroids. With the help of co-author Ronny Tober, Llewellyn treks through two decades of steroid prohibition, with a special focus on today’s global market dominated by counterfeits and underground labs. You discover what steroid prohibition has actually accomplished, and the potential pitfalls of this unregulated and extremely volatile business. Readers are invited inside the assembly area of a registered pharmaceutical company, as well as an operating underground steroid laboratory. See for yourself how real and underground steroids are actually made. Many helpful tips and pictures provide invaluable assistance in identifying products of high and low quality.

The information in this book is so controversial and potentially damaging that certain underground figures have tried to bribe, threaten, and even attack William in order to force him to pull it! It is the one book underground labs absolutely don’t want you to see.

History-Making Lab Tests

UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS has a chapter on lab testing, which includes the most extensive series of analytical tests ever published on black market steroids. See results on dozens of products bearing such names as Asia Pharma, Axio Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Diamond Labs, Geneza, EuroChem, Genshi, IP China, Lyka, R.O.H.M., Sciroxx, Stealth, and many more! Lab tests include steroid dosage, bacteria, heavy metals, pH, and even full chromatographic purity fingerprints of all components and contaminants. Many underground labs and dealers may promise true “pharmaceutical grade” products, but do they deliver? See for yourself! You may want to sit down to read this book, because some of the results are absolutely shocking!

Worth Its Weight in Gold!

William Llewellyn’s UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS is filled with invaluable information that can save not only your money, but also your health! It is an ideal primer for healthcare workers, law enforcement officials, and academic researchers, and quite simply a MUST HAVE for anyone even thinking about using black market anabolic agents!

About the Author:

William Llewellyn is a research scientist and writer in the field of human performance enhancement. He has authored nine books, and written countless articles for some of the industry’s leading magazines, including Muscular Development, where he is a longtime contributor and monthly columnist. Llewellyn has also made many major media appearances, including the cover of ESPN Magazine, The Washington Post, FOX News, Discovery Times, and ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” Additionally, Llewellyn is credited with developing several innovative new sport supplement ingredients, including arachidonic acid, which is now widely used by many of the industry’s leading companies. Llewellyn maintains an active schedule of research and lecturing around the world.

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