New DVD Release - Classic Collection # 6

GMV Productions - All new material in this Classic Collection Edition #6

Presenting the physique stars of the ‘60s and ‘70s in this massive extravaganza of old time classic bodybuilders.

From our film archives, we have an even greater number of stars from our precious 16mm and 8mm films.

Parts of this DVD are in black and white, with colour for those parts filmed after approximately 1970.

The period covered in this DVD is the mid 60s to around 1977. Music has been added.

The Most Well Known Stars in this DVD include:

Chuck Sipes
Dennis Tinerino
Dave Draper
Rick Wayne
Jim Haislop
Larry Scott
Sergio Oliva
Frank Zane
Mike Katz
Casey Viator
Don Howorth
Chet Yorton
Joe Nista
Jack Delinger
John Citrone’s strength act
Roger Walker
Gable Boudreau plus many more.

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