2012 Mr Olympia DVDs

2012 Mr. Olympia

Mr Olympia 2012 DVDThis year’s Olympia included a real shake-up in the favorites. Sensational Kai Greene was in a real battle against defending champion Phil Heath for the title, and everyone in the audience was cheering them on in their final posedown and then again during the victory ceremony. Surprising Shawn Rhoden beat out former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson and Arnold Classic champ Branch Warren, while titantic Dennis Wolf rounded out the Top Six. Also competing: Toney Freeman (7), Evan Centopani (8), Johnnie Jackson (9), Lionel Beyeke (10), Ben Pakulski (11), Roelly Winklaar (12), Ronny Rockel (13), Essa Obaid (14), Hidetada Yamagishi (15), plus Baito Abbaspour, Bill Wilmore, Fred Smalls, and Michael Kefalianos (all 16th place).

212 Showdown: James “FLEX” Lewis from Wales triumphs in this exciting and developing new division, now moved up from 202 pounds to 212. Perennial favorites David Henry and Eduardo Correa took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Also competing: Jose Raymond (4), Al Auguste (5), Tricky Jackson (6), Guy Cisternino (7), Curtis Bryant (8), Fernando Noronha Almeida (9), Angel Rangel Vargas (10), Lukas Osladil (11), Derik Farnsworth (12), Jamal Elmaadawi (13), Lyndon Belgrave (14), Raul Carrasco (15), and Petr Vanis (16).

2012 Olympia Women

Ms Olympia 2012 DVDThe Sensational Women of the IFBB! Catch every move, every pose, every routine, every smile of this fabulous collection of top IFBB athletes in their best condition. Here are the results so you can judge along at home:

BIKINI OLYMPIA: Nathalia Melo (1), Nicole Nagrani (2), India Paulino (3), Dianna Dahlgren (4), Jaime Baird (5), Sonja Gonzales (6), Amanda Latona (7), Justine Munro (8) Yeshaira Robles (9), Jennifer Andrews (10), Marcela Tribin (11), Juliana Daniell (14), Tawna Eubanks (15), and Abbie Burrows, Brittany Tacy, Candyce Graham, Christina Vargas, Dayna Maleton, Diana Graham, Jennifer Chapman, Narmin Assria, Natalie Pennington, Nicole Coleman, Nicole Moneer-Guerrero, Ruth Harrison, Skye Taylor, Stacey Alexander, Taylor Matheny, Tianna Ta, Vanessa Campbell, all tied for 16th place.

FIGURE OLYMPIA: Erin Stern (1), Nicole Wilkins (2), Candice Keene (3), Heather Dees (4), Mallory Haldeman (5), Teresa Anthony (6), Candice Lewis (7), Allison Frahn (8), Ava Cowan (9), Larissa Reis (10), Alicia harris (11), Ann Titone (12), Alea Suarez (13), Candice John (14), Monica Specking (15), and Aleisha Hart, Andrea Cantone, Chelsea Morgenstern, Francine Sablan, Gale Yates, Gennifer Strobo, Jami DeBernard, Jelena Abbou, Natalie Waples, Rosalind Vanterpool, all tied for 16th place.

FITNESS OLYMPIA: Adela Garcia (1), Oksana Grishina (2), Tina Durkin (3), Myriam Capes (4), Tanji Johnson (5), Bethany Cisternino (6), Ryall Graber (7), Camala Rodriguez (8), Regiane DaSilva (9), Kizzy Vaines (10), Vanda Hadarean (11), Danielle Ruban (12) Jode Boam (13), Fiona Harris (14), Nicole Duncan (15), Hollie Stewart (16).

MS. OLYMPIA: Iris Kyle (1), Debia Laszewski (2), Yaxeni Oriquen (3), Alina Popa (4), Brigita Brezovac (5), Sheila Bleck (6), Monique Jones (7), Anne Freitas (8), Michelle ummings (9), Sarah Hayes (10), Kim Buck (11), Helle Nielsen (12)

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